Gravlax Cream Cheese Bagel

an open face bagel with Gravlax and cream cheese

Although there is cream cheese and a bagel involved in this dish, the key ingredient is the Gravlax.

Gravlax is a Scandinavian delicacy, that is now available in most places around the world. Gravlax is a salmon fillet that has been cured, not smoked. The curing process is relatively simple, the salmon is immersed in a brine made up of sugar, dill, herbs, lemon and vodka. Then a weight is placed on top of the salmon to aid the cure in penetrating the fish. There are numerous recipes on the Internet for Gravlax.

However, curing the salmon is actually the easy part, cutting it is not so easy. Gravlax is cut on about a 45 degree angle to the fillet of salmon and it is cut tissue paper thin, you can actually see through it. This is way beyond our carving skills. Luckily, our fish monger makes fresh Gravlax twice a week and his recipe, in our opinion is exceptional.

pieces of Gravlax


  1. Find a fish monger who produces great Gravlax! Purchase a few ounces along with some high quality cream cheese and a fresh from the oven bagel (we prefer sesame seed).
  2. Cut the bagel in half, spread on the cream cheese and layer with the Gravlax.
  3. Share the recipe with friends and relatives (keep the Gravlax for yourself).

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