Great Food, Fine Wine & Good Conversation

We are Loraine and Earl, now classified as senior citizens or as Earl would say; old people. Together we have travelled all over North America, Europe and Scandinavia, experiencing our one true passion FOOD!

As we have aged, as in a fillet mignon, we have discovered a lot about dining, how are tastes have matured (and our stomachs have shrunk), how to make a fabulous dinner party for two (yes, we consider eating together a dinner party and cook accordingly) or four if we are lucky enough to be entertaining or having the kids over. In some ways we exist in the past and believe that one of the most important things to do at the dinner table is communicate and share with each other and our guests. We would like to invite you for dinner to share with you, our guests; our recipes, ideas and our old people thoughts.

We hope that you will find our ramblings entertaining and maybe a little inspiring.

It's dinner time, please be seated!

Our Food Philosophy


Cooking Tips

Bon App├ętit