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Bacon, Chili, Raisin Relish

A small open jar containing Bacon, Chili, Raisin Relish on a tray with crackers

This is a somewhat unique relish, that Loraine and I have developed over the last few years, that can be used as a spread to accompany a cheese or fruit tray or on its own with crackers as a hors d oeuvres at a get together. Don't let the amount of ingredients throw you off, believe us when we say each is necessary to provide the overall flavor of the relish.

The heat level of the relish in this recipe we would consider to be at a medium to hot level. However, you can easily control the heat, from mild to super hot, by the amount of chipotle chili in adobo sauce that is used.

Lobster in Butter Sauce

Update 10/30/2017

There is no doubt that this is by far our favorite lobster recipe. The butter sauce is totally decadent. We often serve this recipe to guests as an appetizer with a rustic Italian bread or a crusty French bread (you have to have something to soak up the butter sauce!). We also make it as a complete meal for us, served on a bed of egg noodles or steamed rice.

Pineapple Corn Muffins

This is based on a Chef John recipe. Loraine found the corn muffins dryer than she likes. In my opinion corn muffins are always dry and that is why they need some butter spread on them before eating. The flavor of the pineapple combined with the corn meal was quite good and we would make them again.

We think that rather than eating them as standalone muffins they would probably be better with an entree such as chili or maybe even a stew.

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