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Loraine and I don't make veal anymore. Primarily because high quality, hormone and antibiotic free, white veal is almost impossible to find and if you can find it the price is outrageous. In some recipes we have substituted pork for veal.

Latest Beef & Veal Recipe

Salisbury Steak

Victorian plate containing Salisbury Steak on mashed potatoes

I think that Salisbury steak was made popular by TV dinners. Salisbury steak is really nothing more than an individual meat loaf formed into an oval patty. The key behind the recipe is the sauce, hence if you have a meat loaf recipe that you are very happy with and can reduce the quantity to the number of Salisbury steak patties that you want to make go right ahead and use it. Otherwise, this Salisbury steak patty recipe is quite good.

Beef Brisket & Onion Sauce

In April 2019, Chef John posted an Easy Baked Beef Brisket recipe on YouTube.com. We tried the recipe and found the meat to be extremely moist and tender but overall we thought the brisket and the onion gravy were very bland. We reduced the meat amount to serve 2 people and added some seasoning. We also had to do some experimentation when it came to baking time as Chef John cooked a 3 lb. brisket.

Although we believe this is a perfect recipe for mashed potatoes, because of the fantastic gravy that is produced when the brisket is baking, we hope that you can handle cooking mashed potatoes on your own without the need of a detailed recipe!

Beef Stroganoff

We have been making our version of beef stroganoff for longer than either one of us cares to remember. Over the years it has changed a bit, but for all intent purposes it is the same simple and very easy to make recipe that we started out with.

One thing that has changed is the type of pasta that we use. We used to purchase freshly made fettuccine pasta, when possible, or used a good quality dry fettuccine pasta as a substitute. Now we use a traditional German twisted egg pasta, which is dry, made from durum semolina and about an inch long. We think the German pasta has a nice flavor. The size of this noodle makes it easier to mix into the stroganoff and eat.

Fillet Mignon & Asparagus

What can we say, sometimes you just crave a perfectly cooked fillet mignon, without a lot of frills. We procure all of our meat from a butcher who only deals with local farmers who, in the summer use pasture for feed and do not abuse the use of antibiotics. The fillet mignon were so tender that they literally melted in our mouths.

As a side, we steamed some fresh asparagus from Peru, we happen to prefer the flavor of Peruvian asparagus over the Mexican or even the fresh asparagus from Ontario.

Fillet Mignon with a Gratin of Mushrooms

The fillet mignon with a gratin of mushrooms is a take-off of a Gordon Ramsay YouTube video. He does not provide the actual recipe, you watch the video and create the amounts and directions on how to make it from what you see. Our recipe is the result of numerous attempts to hone the quantities of the individual ingredients and the method of creating the dish.

Gyro Meat

I really enjoy a gyro, lunch or dinner it really doesn't matter and Loraine puts up with me when I go into a gyro craze. However, the problem with the gyros, that are sold at fast food restaurants, is what they may be using as the beef and lamb portion of the product. I'm sure it is not the highest quality or antibiotic and hormone free meat that is available.

After a lot of experimentation I developed a recipe for gyro meat that I believe is as good if not better then what you get in a fast food restaurant and I can control the quality of the beef and lamb that I use.

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots

Updated February/2021

This is the perfect dinner for those cold winter days. First of all it requires that the oven be on for at least 4 hours, not the type of thing you want to do on a hot summer day! This is a slow cook recipe without the use of a slow cooker.

Second, there is something about a pot roast that is warming to the body and just makes you feel good.

We have yet to figure out how to make this work as a 2 serving meal, with no leftovers. It refrigerates well for a few days and is easy to reheat, either on the stove, in the oven or the trusty microwave.

Steak Diane

Both Loraine and I truly enjoy Steak Diane and we have this creation, a modified Gordon Ramsay recipe, at least once a month. It is very easy to prepare and unlike almost all the other Steak Diane recipes uses sirloin steaks rather than beef tenderloin, which, as much as we enjoy beef tenderloin, believe that it's wasted with the overriding flavors in the Steak Diane sauce.

Veal Cutlets, Shrimp, Shiitake Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce

Now this is a recipe that tastes fantastic, but the picture truly needs work and the next time we make it, we will update the picture accordingly.

There are a few important cooking points that I would like to express. It is very easy to overcook the veal and make it into leather rather than the very tender meat it is. A similar situation exists with the shrimp. Slightly undercooked is better than overcooked as the shrimps will continue to cook after the sauce is added back to the pan.

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