Welcome To Our Favorite Recipes!

Even if you are only cooking for 2, food doesn't have to be boring or mundane. We pride ourselves on cooking excellent meals for two. We cook a lot less food then we used to, as with age our bellies seem to have shrunk, but it's definitely not frozen entrées.

We have made all of the recipes listed numerous times and each one has been honed to suit our tastes and the way we like to cook, which means you may find they need adjustment to suit your tastes and that's the way it should be! We often make changes to our recipes, as our tastes change or because of availability of a certain ingredient. If we have made changes, we highlight that beside the recipe title including the date. The changes are also highlighted within the recipe so that you can see what has changed.

Often we will add comments, in the way of notes, to the recipes, that represent our trials; errors and successes.

Our latest recipe published is at the top of the list, the rest are in alphabetical order. If you are looking for something specific use the Google search just below the banner at the top of the page.

We will be continually adding more recipes for 2 so come back often!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Bon Appétit!


butter poached lobster on white plate

Lobster in Butter Sauce


spinach salad in white bowl

Spinach Salad


Potatoes Loraine stacked on a dish

Potatoes Loraine


an open face bagel with Gravlax and cream cheese

Gravlax Cream Cheese Bagel

Bon Appétit